Podcast – How To Crush Self-Limiting Beliefs

Even the most confident and positive people have self-limiting beliefs. Reacting to untrue thoughts — as if they were gospel — that, ultimately, hold us back from being our best. Well, today, I’ll teach you how to destroy these self-limiting beliefs once and for all.


You’ll also find out:

  • Why action crushes negative beliefs
  • The power of identifying your false beliefs
  • What gives power to false beliefs
  • What it really means to become fearless
  • Why and how our thoughts hold us back
  • The area where I recently overcame a limiting self-belief
  • How to know if you have self-limiting beliefs
  • What is a Destination Belief
  • What are Directive Beliefs
  • Why we stay stuck and allow negative beliefs to hold us where we are
  • The irony in your negative beliefs and how to overcome them
  • What happens the moment you take action that is contrary to a negative belief you hold about yourself
  • Your homework assignment!

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