Part 4: How Your Cyber Security Knowledge is Dangerously Outdated

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Most of our cyber security knowledge is outdated. It’s an industry that’s continually changing and not knowing leaves us open to attacks. This is the 4-part to a detailed series on how to protect yourself online. In this interview with Darren Natoni, a friend and expert in this field, we discuss important facts you NEED to know about keeping yourself as safe as possible online.

Questions we address:

How to address your security questions for each of your accounts?

How much of my stuff is really at risk?

How reliable are the strength ratings for the passwords you create on your accounts? Can we trust the strength rating?

Are the password management software programs hackable?

How do I know my email provider isn’t safe and how to I motivate myself to take care of going with a more protective provider?Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 9.57.16 AM

Topics discussed in this episode:

Addressing old sites that you’ve entered information about yourself.

Any activity you conduct online puts you at risk. Most people think “what would they want from me? I don’t have a lot of money. I’m sure I’m fine.” This is the wrong attitude to have. Hackers pray on everyone because they can and they go after those who are easier targets, regardless of how much money or how many followers you have. This is about making it as hard for the hackers as possible.

How to use Aliases with your email accounts and how to set it up with your email provider.

The 4 main passwords you should have

Go through old emails and look for things that you’ve previously signed up for.

Why you should have your own iTunes account. If you don’t make sure you are using family sharing.

The 2 primary rules with email

  1. Do not send private secure information over email.
  2. Never open a link you are unsure about.

If you want to protect yourself better online, this 5 part series is a must listen! Don’t forget to leave me a comment or review!


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