Podcast – I’m Fat and Other Damaging Stories We Tell Ourselves

Let’s talk about your story. The story you tell yourself, the story you tell other people, the story you’re repeating in your head, and why — if you want to change your body — you need to change all of it. Our stories start from childhood (the seemingly innocent messaging we receive from our families) and are later dictated to us by society (what is celebrated as beautiful). So, with all of this information learned and stored in our heads, is it possible to change our stories? Yes! And today, I’m giving you the steps in order to do so…


You’ll also hear:

  • Direct Message from a follower who opens up about her weight loss journey
  • If it’s possible to love yourself when you don’t love your body
  • The seemingly harmless messages we’re sending to our kids about their bodies
  • The importance of many measures of health
  • What is the #1 way to make a change in how you look or feel
  • The rewrite your story challenge
  • How to become aware of the language you’re using
  • Why you must shift your focus from where you are right now
  • The power of putting pen to paper and writing a new story (and how to do it)
  • How to make your new story stick



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