Podcast – Heidi D’Amelio — Charli & Dixie’s Mom — On Parenting Fundamentals In A Social Media Driven World

Today, I welcome Heidi D’Amelio — mother of the wildly popular sisters, Charli and Dixie (who have close to 300 million followers on TikTok alone). We talk about how she and her husband Marc continue to be a united front as parents as they strive to keep their daughters humble and kind — while navigating through this new world of Social Media influencer fame.


You’ll find out:

  • Why Heidi doesn’t have fear re: her daughters’ journey
  • Details behind why Heidi didn’t want to be known as the mom who takes her kids’ spotlight
  • Heidi’s thoughts on “momager” status
  • Heidi’s advice on absolutes when it comes to parenting
  • How Heidi navigates sibling rivalry between her kids
  • Heidi’s regret as a parent
  • How Heidi finds balance with how much she pushes her daughters to be successful in whatever they’re pursuing
  • How Heidi handles her daughters being financially independent (while still teenagers)
  • The foundational pieces Heidi and Marc put into place to ensure their daughters have good values
  • How Heidi and Marc help their daughters navigate hate and negativity on social media
  • How often Heidi experiences Imposter Syndrome
  • Who Heidi looks up to in social media/celebrity
  • Dealbreakers for Heidi



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