Dealing with a Move | Car Chat with Bret Johnson

This episode is a conversation of Bret and I talking about our recent decision to purchase a home at the beach. We are transitioning into a new phase / season in our lives where we will soon be without children in the home. Even though our current home is what we could consider our dream home, it’s a lot of house for us 2. We really wanted a place for our kids to grow up that had space, and a yard. I’m a home body, and I literally feel like I never need to leave our current house. However, we’ve always talked about eventually living at the beach, so we thought that once the kids were both out of the house, that would be a great time to do this!

Originally Bret and I said that we wouldn’t move unless the house was our dream home.  And in all honesty, this house is not.  However, we’ve decided to take it down to it’s bare bones and turn it into our dream home.  The location couldn’t be passed up, and we are seeing this as an exciting new phase in our lives.

If you’re dealing with an upcoming move, my tip for you is to mentally prepare yourself for all the joys and the stresses it’s going to bring.

This is what I mean by that.  I want you to almost mentally prepare yourself like an athlete getting ready for a big game. You meditate on the situation and take yourself through every scenario.  You remind yourself that no matter what happens, you will be fine and everything will work itself out.  Take 5 to 10 minutes… sit in a quiet room… and meditate on the move.  Take yourself through every scenario, and prepare yourself for the things that might happen.  This will leave you feeling ready for anything the move throws your way.


  1. Take yourself through the mental preparation explained above.
  2. Prepare your friends and family for the potential stress that’s about to happen. Moving is exhausting and can throw a lot unexpected scenarios into your life.  So it’s always good to prepare your friends and family.
  3. Do as much as you can ahead of time! Start packing stuff that you don’t need and do a little each day.
  4. Label your boxes really well and pack according to where in the house things will go.  Don’t pack stuff from the master bedroom into a box of stuff from the kitchen.  Keep things organized! This will save you so much time when you’re unpacking.
  5. Label your boxes with great detail! Include the room, items, fragile, and if its a box that should be unpacked right away.

This episode comes to you raw, and for the most part unedited. My goal is to start adding more episodes like this to the show. It’s like podcast meets reality tv, and I also think its a really real and honest way to understand how we do things as a family unit and a business. Hopefully you take something away from this episode! And remember to let me know what you think by leaving me a review on iTunes.

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