Podcast – Dealing with the Mental Impact of a Physical Setback

Eventually we’re all going to have a physical setback. Whether it might be due to overtraining, a trip, a fall, an accident, a pregnancy, an unexpected surgery, you name it. And oftentimes the mental and emotional side of the experience can be far worse than the physical. Today, I’ll share my own personal physical setbacks — from how I felt at the time they happened to how I learned to deal with them — in order to help you better understand how to manage yours.


You’ll find out…

  • The first thing you must take care of when a physical setback occurs
  • The biggest mistake we make when injury happens
  • How a physical setback impacts our relationships, mood, etc.
  • Why it’s a blessing to rest and yet, also, keep up physical activity of some kind
  • The importance of catching the signs your body gives you before injury becomes inevitable
  • Why the all-or-nothing mindset will keep you injured and down longer
  • Why I exercised 3 days after my hamstring avulsion (when I was ordered to bed rest)
  • Why your body is smarter than your brain
  • One of the main reasons I created PiYo
  • Why it’s crucial, while in your hindered physical state, to understand how it happened to begin with
  • Why we’re too often focused on surgery as the cure
  • The role inflammation plays on our injuries
  • What I learned to focus on as I was recovering from my hamstring avulsion



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