Dealing With Trolls, Critics, and Internet Haters

Build Your Tribe
EP. 218

This episode contains adult language and themes. This is your warning. Don’t listen to this episode with your little tots around.

Let me start by saying that I have experienced some rude, degrading comments on my Facebook page as well as other platforms. No matter how serious the topic is, it is hard to stay focused when disgusting comments pop up. And what I have come to realize is that it is all a game. These “trolls” don’t really think these things about you, they are just trying to cause disruption to your broadcast. Therefore, if you acknowledge them, they will win.

If you think of trolling as funny, you’ll think this is a great story. One time I was doing a live broadcast within my home office. After I got my point across I asked my viewers if they had any questions for me.. Side note, I’m telling you that if you read the comments while you speak, you WILL get distracted (always get your point across first). So anyways, someone commented asking “How much was your couch?”. Moments later, literally everyone was asking me questions about my couch… and I totally fell for it. I ended up having to leave the broadcast because I got so distracted and off topic by all these “couch comments”. Flash forward a few days, and sure enough, everyone is asking me about my couch again (and I was in the kitchen this time!!).

I thought it was clever and funny, despite it being vulgar and annoying. Though, I obviously don’t want to have to deal with it everyday. So in this episode, I’m gonna tell you how I deal with them and how I ultimately beat them at their little game.

Anyways… in short, the intentions of the trolls are to take the attention away from you (similar to hackers).

To better help you understand the science of trolling, I will share with you an excerpt from SciShow, where they touch on the psychology of trolling. You can find that episode on YouTube. In this episode they go on to describe the type of individual who acts as an internet troll. They even explain why some of the comments are so sexual in nature. It’s some pretty interesting stuff, be sure to listen in to hear more!

In doing my research for this podcast, I started with googling the topic… and oh my goodness. It is crazy stuff! I’ll share with you some more of my findings if you listen to this episode!

If you’re a parent, you definitely need to be aware of whether your child is live broadcasting or not. Or, if they are hosting a live broadcast. It is a dangerous device. I certainly am not gonna make any rules for you, but definitely be aware of what often goes down.

Be sure to listen in to this episode to hear how I actually deal with the dang trolls!

I hope you enjoyed this episode. If you have any thoughts/questions/suggestions/concerns hit me up on the socials or send me a message!



What You’ll Learn in This Episode
1.FINISH discussing your point and THEN read the comments (3:18)
2.One of the most important habits you can develop (6:58)
3.Trolling provides trolls with the opportunity to… (8:39)
4.Anything with power potential has danger and risk associated with it ( 12:35)
5.And so much more…

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