Podcast – The 2021 DeClutter Project Part 2 | How to Let Go of Stuff

Welcome to Part 2 of The 2021 Declutter Project! For the majority of us clutter is a major problem in our day-to-day lives — even if we’re not aware of it. Today, I’ll explain why and, in addition, will help you get more organized by teaching how to let go of things you really don’t need (especially the sentimental stuff).



You’ll also find out:

  • Recent voice messages received from followers re: the clutter in their lives
  • Shocking statistic on how many items the average person has in their home that they don’t touch / use
  • How / why disorganization and clutter are 2 different things
  • Why I want you to reserve time on your calendar
  • The steps I suggest to take to start the decluttering process
  • Why you have to set policies / systems in regard to decluttering
  • How The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up changed my thinking for the better
  • Why we hang on to things
  • Personal anecdotes from my (and my family’s) life re: clutter
  • A fascinating sequence from a recent documentary involving minimalism
  • What we’re teaching our kids when we hold onto clutter



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