How to Deliver Your Message By Improving Your Vocal Quality

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EP. 219

Today you’ll hear from Tami Romani. Tami is a business and brand vocal expert with over thirty years of vocal experience. She will teach you how to make your voice more impactful and help you to build confidence in the expertise you’re sharing.

When you listen to a person’s voice, it’s often to either find trust in them or doubt them. The way you deliver your voice is the key contributor to the way in which a listener may judge you or what you present. With that being said, Tami is going to share with you in this podcast her best tips to make sure your message lands!

The 5 tips Tami expands on in this episode are…
1. Do a self assessment
2. Learn how to breathe
3. How to execute a vocal strength warm up
4. How to build your vocal muscles
5. Learn to pace yourself

In this podcast, Tami will remind you that WE are our own worst critics when it comes to the way we think we sound. Also, It is important to take a good look at yourself and have an awareness of how you sound. That may mean that you need to stop watching yourself in the camera as you record your voice and simply listen to solely your voice. You’ll want to listen to your own voice as if you were listening to a random person.

Tami also expresses that finding an opinion from someone other than yourself is incredibly important. You need to find someone who can be real with you and that you can share your recording/speaking with. Don’t be afraid to ask them to tell you what they hear. For example, you can ask them things like… “How’s my volume?”, “Do I sound confident?”, “Do I end each sentence like it is a question?”, etc.

It is also important to remember that the quality of your voice may be distracting to listeners, especially if the quality isn’t consistent with other recordings. No one will hear your message if they are thinking about how you are speaking. You’ve definitely got to convey emotion; if your voice sounds boring… your message will sound boring.

For all this good stuff and more insight from voice-expert Tami Romani, listen to this episode now! Lemme just tell ya, you’ll want to hear Tami’s beautiful voice.

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Questions Asked/Answered in This Episode…
– Is it common to feel afraid to record your own voice? (3:10)
– How do we know if we need to work on our vocal quality? (4:25)
– Is there another way to assess our voice other than our own opinion? (6:08)
– How do we know who to go to for an honest opinion? Is there a specific type of friend or person we should ask? (6:15)
– Are most of us in agreement when we hear a voice that helps us hear a message? Or, can you describe what makes a great voice? (9:45)
– Why is it that we need to convey authority when speaking about our own business? (12:00)
– Chalene asks Tami…What’s one thing you’d recommend my listeners begin to work on? (16:00)
– Do you suggest that people try voice acting/impersonating someone? (22:10)
– Is the pace of your voice important? (24:15)
– Why is it that some speakers are faster than others? How do we personally know whether we need to slow down or speed up? (25:26)
– Can you build a stronger voice? (28:10)
– What is some advice on how to keep your voice strong for more than a half hour? (30:40)
And so much more…

What You’ll learn in This Episode
1. People do have preferences, but there still is that “great voice” (10:00)
2. The goal is to get your message across without distractions (10:41)
3. Your voice is the best way to determine emotion (13:30)
4. The foundation of vocal variety and strength is…(16:15)
5. Hydration is key to maintaining a strong voice for a long period of time (31:00)
6. Your voice is so important to your brand (32:50)
And so much more…

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