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Today, I take on the subject of aging! While we all might want to live as long as possible, there are many negative feelings often associated with looking and feeling old. But I’m certain that if you have any concerns in regard to aging, this episode will leave you feeling more positive and all-around so much better! Bonus: I invited some friends of all ages to weigh in on the topic, as well.


You’ll find out:

  • The surprising result of my Instagram poll on worrying about aging
  • Why/how you have the ability to change your thinking on aging
  • Why you should consider new role models (re: older women who have gotten better with age)
  • Why so much of our thinking around aging is due to media/marketing
  • What I like more about my appearance today than when I was younger
  • Why I have had some work done on my face
  • Why we need to stop guilting each other if we want to change our own appearance
  • Why sex is better when you’re older
  • Why having your own style plays a big role in your confidence
  • My recommendation/tip on what to search for online that will inspire you re: aging



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