Podcast – Destination Fixation – Avoiding Obstacles | CarSmart Edition

(WARNING, BEFORE YOU LISTEN) Today’s episode is meant to be a slap in the face or a wake up call, if you will. So, to those of you who are not ready for a self-check or some real talk, then it’s recommended to turn off this episode now.

Look, I have the rare opportunity to connect with all kinds of people via social media, daily. And I’ve learned that the majority of us are often too close to a situation to see what’s really happening — only focusing on obstacles and not what’s truly possible. I’ll explain the power of this “Destination Fixation” and how you can, instead, use it in your favor. 


You’ll also hear…

  • Why identifying as a “very positive person” is not enough
  • What happens to your body and mind when you solely focus on where you want to go (with your life)
  • The tricks your mind plays on you when you focus on the risks of any given situation
  • Why almost everything about your reality is a consequence of your thinking
  • If focusing on the positive is something you must do every day
  • How to use social media to keep your brain focused on the right things
  • What you need to fix FIRST to make a real change in your life




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