Detox Your Weekend and Lose the Bloat

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EP. 278

When we are bloated, it usually feels like we’ve gained some weight. A lot of times though, it’s just water weight!!

Our bodies are capable of soooo much; oftentimes they are capable of performing functions that prescribed medications are marketed to do. Our bodies should feel phenomenal, but most of the time they don’t due to the use of prescribed medications OR from exposure to toxins.

If you’re ever feeling bloated and you want to look phenomenal FAST, then listen in. In this episode, you will learn what is going on in your body when you’re in a bloat AND I’ll give you some quick tips to help you kick it to the curb.

Let me start by saying, these are temporary fixes. If bloating is a problem for you often, you definitely want to address your health. It is so much more than just your diet. You can learn more about my personal health journey by heading to A lot of people don’t realize they are chronically inflamed. That is one of the things that we tackle first in the ONE3ONE Movement. So, if you feel that you may be struggling with inflammation, be sure to check it out!

Here are some of my go-to tips for a temporary bloat fix:
1. You need to get the water out (sweating is always a good option)
2. Reduce your intake of carbohydrates or inflammatory foods (anything your body knows to be toxic).
3. HYDRATE, increase your water intake. I highly recommend a little lemon, ginger, and cayenne pepper to boost your metabolism and rid of toxins. To find my lemon ginger water recipe, CLICK HERE.
4. Increase your sleep by 2 hours. Sleep is the magic healer. Trust me. This may mean you’ll have to shift your eating window forward to give yourself some time before you go to sleep to digest, but I promise you… it will help the bloat.

I hope you enjoyed this episode on my quick fixes to reduce bloating! While these tips will indeed help to suffix your bloat, you will find that they will help you in numerous other ways as well. You can count on that. If you have any questions or thoughts, hit me up on the socials OR send me a message. I’d love to hear from you!


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What You’ll Learn in This Episode
1.The reason why our bodies get inflamed (5:00)
2.You know you’re experiencing acute systematic inflammation if.. (9:20)
3.The body’s primary organ to detoxify is the… (10:48)
4.The primary function of the liver (11:20)
5.And so much more!

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