Diet Success | How to Lose Weight and Kick the Diet Addiction

What’s the difference between being on a diet and having a diet?  Are you addicted to dieting?  How can you get the right mindset to start exercising and stay healthy?  In this podcast, I answer all of these questions, and give you the motivation to take control of your eating habits and reclaim your health.

The truth is, I’ve never been on a diet.  It’s true! I swear!  I grew up with a mom that had a strong positive body image, so I never was taught to view myself negatively.  However, I do remember the majority of my other family members were ALWAYS on some kind of diet.  And to be honest, they were all overweight and unhappy.  All they did while dieting was complain about how crappy they felt… and the truth is the weight never stayed off, it was always put back on.  So as I child my perception of diets was that they made you fat and unhappy.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 2.35.12 PMYou and I both know that most view dieting as a temporary fix.  Most of you reading this are either coming off a diet, are on a diet, or are in the pursuit of the next diet to be on.  And that’s the truth.  We all want a quick fix for weight loss.  My hope is that after listening to this podcast you’ll realize that it’s SO much more important to have a diet that you live on… that you create a lifestyle around.  Eat in a way that is maintainable for you and for your goals.

I love my body, and I want you to love yours!  If you do want to lose weight, then do it in a way that isn’t temporary, because a quick temporary fix will leave you depressed when you fall off and gain the weight back.  So go the route that allows you to maintain your progress and be happy!  If you want a quick fix, this isn’t the podcast for you.

Having a healthy diet is what it’s all about.  It’s true when they say abs are made in the kitchen!  Most of your body transformation will occur from your diet.  Physical activity is a strong part of that, but you’ll see the GREATEST change in your body when you change what you’re putting in your mouth.

This doesn’t mean physical exercise isn’t important.  Physical activity will do nothing but make your life better.  It brings you mental balance and clarity, it relieves stress, it builds strength and confidence, and produces happy hormones!! Who doesn’t want more of those!

So if you need a little help in the diet arena, you’re in the right place.  This is the podcast for you!  Don’t forget to subscribe and leave me a review.  It’s kind of like my tip jar.

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