Podcast – The Difference Between a Mentor and A Coach | How to Find the Best Fit

On this Quick Tip Tuesday, I’ll define many different types of mentor and coaching opportunities one-on-one, group, virtual, accountability, advisor, seminar, etc. and how each, in their own way, can make a huge difference in accomplishing your goals! Whether you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, or someone who wants to make money online… bringing a coach or mentor onto your team is quite often the game changer you’ve been looking for. After listening to this episode, you’ll understand the whys and hows!


You’ll find out…

  • Why not all mentoring relationships are paid relationships
  • The biggest difference between a coach and a mentor
  • When you’re always guaranteed to experience a major return on investment re: coaching
  • My personal thoughts as to why a mentoring relationship doesn’t require any obligation on the part of the mentor — with one major caveat
  • What most coaching is designed to do
  • Why you’re far more likely to follow through on your goals when you hire a coach
  • Details behind Push Goal Coaching
  • Why, generally speaking, the more accountability you want the more you have to invest
  • The #1 thing to look for in a one-on-one coach
  • The ideal type of coaching program for someone who’s just starting out



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