Disciplined Pursuit of Less | Essentialism with author Greg McKeown

In this episode I talk to Greg McKeown, a Stanford graduate and author of one of my go to books Essentialism.   Greg and I both believe that our society is reaching a breaking point… A point where enough is enough.  For years we’ve been taught that if we can fit it all in, we can have it all.  Unfortunately, this is not the case.  Our society needs to stop over valuing busyness and realize that our life should revolve around our personal priorities.

As a crazy busy business owner or time-tight stay at home parent, it’s easier to understand how this emphasis on business is debilitating your life; and to make the changes necessary to shift your lifestyle is simpler because these things are focused around you.  However, someone in the corporate setting has a greater challenge because they have to answer to someone else.  But Greg feels that essentialism can be applied even in a corporate setting.  He’s been brought in to major corporations to help with this because companies are starting to realize that the over-busyness is not valuable to their employees and company.


Topics discussed in this episode:

– Looking at where the best use of yourself is.

– Setting boundaries for yourself: turning your phone off every night, making time to go the gym, so that when you’re at work, you’re able to perform at the highest level available instead of in a reactionary state.

– If we focus on the right few things, our personal life will get better, and our contribution to our personal work will get better.

– Creating more space to be able think about what is most valuable.  Therefore when you are approached by a boss or customer to add a task or job to your plate, your able to negotiate with them in completion of that project.  For example, what needs to be given up to complete that task, or would you like this added to the list and an overall decrease in performance to occur.

– Courage is at the core of essentialism. A tradeoff of between what people ask of you, and knowing what you recognize at the core is right for you.

– Thinking about your life in the long term so you’re able to handle situations that come your way.

– Facing boredom

– How to do a Personal quarterly offsite

– How Success can become a catalyst for failure

– Creating undistracted time


Links in this episode:

Greg’s website: http://gregmckeown.com

Greg on twitter: https://twitter.com/GregoryMcKeown

Greg on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gregmckeown

Essentialism quiz: http://gregmckeown.com/quiz/

Where to order his book Essentialism: http://gregmckeown.com/essentialism-the-disciplined-pursuit-of-less/



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