Podcast – Where to Start and How to Find Your Thing

It’s OK to Have More than One Purpose

I get questions like these two all the time: “I have a passion to help people, but I don’t know where to start!” and “I don’t know what MY thing is… how do I find it?” In this episode, not only do I provide guidance to anyone who has these commonly asked questions, but I also share with you the truth about finding YOUR thing and what it might cost you in order to find it.

Most likely, you’ve heard this message before. But trust me, you need to hear it again. And you should probably listen to this episode at least twice to let it really sink in. You don’t have one predestined purpose or one passion. You don’t have to just try one thing and get it right. If you want to know what your thing is, you’ve got to do a bunch of things.


What You Will Learn In This Podcast About Purpose: 

  • How to dive in head first. (2:40)
  • Whatever it is you start, you may not be that great at it in the beginning. (3:00)
  • Investing in yourself. (3:25)
  • How to give yourself a deadline. (3:40)
  • Let go of judgment and stop fearing that people will see you as a quitter if you need to move on from something. (5:20)

Thank you for tuning in to this episode. Once again, you may need to give this one a couple listens to really digest it, but it will be worth it!

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