Podcast – Overthinking, Divorce, Anxiety, Racism and Covid

Knowing something for certain makes all of us feel secure. Well, 2020 has been full of change and total unpredictability — leaving many with a constant feeling of uncertainty. Millions of jobs lost, several high profile couples divorcing, protests and conversations around race and inequality consuming the country. Not to mention, Covid-19 still lingers and there’s no real end in sight. All of this has taken a huge toll on us as individuals and as a nation… leading to record breaking numbers of depression. In this episode, I’ll address all of these topics and share tips that’ll help you cope with immense change.


You’ll hear:

  • What I’m currently struggling with
  • Difficult messages I’ve been receiving lately on social media
  • Why and how the industry of “personal development” is very personal
  • A reminder that we just don’t know anything about anyone’s personal life
  • How and why many of us look to mentors as our guide
  • Examples of tumultuous times in my marriage
  • The one word that dominates the 1st half of 2020
  • How we are learning to normalize the pressure we’re feeling these days
  • 4 specific quick tips to help you cope with change
  • The importance of identifying what you can and can’t control
  • Why it’s imperative to wait and work through things before you craft an opinion



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