Podcast – Do My Parents Need Their Own Podcast? | Birthday Bonus Episode

Today is my birthday! So, I decided to throw in a super fun bonus episode! You’re going to be a fly on the wall as I chat with my always popular, off the cuff, and unpredictable parents — Bill & Marge. Now, B & M have some news. They’ve decided it was high time they had their very own podcast, too! I wonder, though, what you Lifers think of this idea. Are my parents entertaining enough to have a show of their own? Listen and find out!


You’ll hear…

  • What my parents plan to talk about on their podcast
  • Why my dad has no issue with running the occasional red light (much to my mom’s chagrin)
  • The theme behind Bill & Marge’s prospective pod
  • My suggestions re: titles / topics for their show
  • The percentage of people in my parents’ community who listen to podcasts
  • Why I’m not in favor of my mom pursuing a Clown Club (you read that right)
  • The only thing I asked my parents for on my birthday
  • Bill and Marge’s favorite thing in the world and how it relates to YOU

To be honest, this is a difficult episode to bullet point as my parents are notorious for going off on their own tangents (nobody, not even their daughter, can really quite follow)!



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