Podcast – Do This Before You Launch Your Membership Site or OnLine Course

Because I got such amazing feedback about a previous episode where I recorded a LIVE coaching call, I thought I’d record another one! Today, you’ll hear me guide my dear friend and Marketing Impact Academy student, Mindy, through all the things which need to be in place — before launch day — when launching a membership site!


You’ll find out…

  • All the details behind what Mindy plans to launch (a subscription based product) and why
  • Why I like to start planning with the end in mind
  • What Mindy is hoping results from her launch
  • Where Mindy’s community online will exist
  • Pros and cons of having a community on Facebook
  • Mindy’s reasoning behind her launch date
  • The toughest months to launch a product
  • The importance of getting into the mindset of the person you’re targeting
  • The 7 emails everyone needs to write before they launch
  • The faith based element behind Mindy’s idea for a community
  • Mindy’s “elevator pitch” on her product and how I get her to refine it more and more
  • What Mindy’s community should receive (e.g., weekly meetings, daily prayer, etc.)
  • How to continue to re-incentivize the founding members of your group
  • My thoughts / critiques on Mindy’s domaine name, logos, and other details of her branding
  • How to come up with (and the necessity of) an adjective for your lifer



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