Podcast – Does Your Reputation and Brand Align?

This episode is for any entrepreneur who has something to sell. Just simply showing up every day will not guarantee sales — no matter what the prevailing wisdom might say. Today, I’ll break down the 5 reasons we, as customers, are motivated to buy. I’ll also share what it means to develop a brand / reputation that’ll help establish trust in your relationships, eventually leading to sales.


You’ll find out:

  • My experience investing in an expensive business consultation
  • Why it’s important to stop thinking about your customer and start thinking about you
  • The 5 reasons, broken down, we are motivated to buy
  • Crucial elements / examples of trust
  • What your reputation really comes down to
  • My brand and my mission
  • How brands can evolve the test of time
  • The ONE thing that should be the same (in your biz) 10 years from now



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