YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE THE BRAND: How Michael Stelzner Founder of the Social Media Examiner created a movement without being the brand

Copy of BUILD (2)In this episode, I interview Michael Stelzner about how he created an incredible following online without being the face of the brand.


Topics Discussed:

  • How to create a movement that people want to support and get behind.
  • How to monetize and grow your business through incredible free content.
  • Tip: your best content should always be free and it needs to be so rich that people want to share it.
  • How Michael has used his list to not only grow his online events, but also his live ones.
  • Don’t let failure hold you back.  Every successful person has had many many failures.
  • Be who you are and use that to your benefit.
  • Know what your weaknesses are.
  • Passion is an amazing driver of force, but make sure you have a business model to back up that passion or else your business may fail.
  • Michael’s one piece of valuable advice on serving your online community.




Time Codes:

0:07 In this episode: Michael Stelzner

0:56 What in the world am I doing in a basketbal court?

1:37 Do you know Michael Stelzner? I don’t 🙂

3:20 Expect shocking revelations in this interview

4:38 Why is Michael such an elusive guy on the web

6:08 Michael’s POV on personal brand vs business brand

6:31 What’s the reason behind Social Media Examiner’s branding strategy

9:05 What was missing in 2009?

9:58 The plan and monetization question

11:23 What draws people to live events and invest their time and money?

12:42 Are you qualified to be on Social Media Examiner?

13:52 Is the Social Media Examiner’s success repeatable?

14:18 Is your site part of the “ambulance chasers”

14:39 The magic sauce to success

15:35 Hear this: “Fame is Mike’s weakness”

18:31 When the world tells you you’re awesome, don’t believe it at face value

18:57 When it’s good to be paranoid

20:32 You can be successfull by being who you are

22:15 The story behind

22:58 Can your passion based business survive without a business model?

26:16 What is your spouse’s role in your business?

27:48 Invest more on family than on business ventures

29:59 What can an email list do for your business?

31:00 The most effective way to draw people to your website and join your list

33:51 The Leader

35:26 The four steps to gauging if you are an expert

35:32 Are you an excellent communicator?

35:45 Step 2: Deep domain knowledge

35:52 Step 3: Are you a book author

36:03 Step 4: Are they known to your audience

37:46 Michael Stelzner’s personal advice for the newbies who want to build a tribe

38:42 Social Media Success Summit

40:26 Parting words


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