Podcast – Download and Save So You Don’t Get Hacked in 2020

As the title of this episode states, I recommend you download the show and save it! In fact, you should do one better and share it with everyone you know. Today, I’ll cover the very real, pervasive and scary subject of hacking. However, after you listen, you’ll feel strong and prepared — with step by step actions that’ll ensure you’re never hacked and what to do if, indeed, you find yourself the victim of hackers. The truth is… there’s a very decent chance your accounts — from social media to email to bank — are currently in the process of getting hacked and you don’t even know. So, your PSA for the day: Do yourself and your family a favor and listen immediately!


You’ll find out…

  • My 2015 getting hacked life-changing experience
  • Why and how hackers are getting your information (long before you realize it)
  • Why getting hacked is just a numbers game and almost never intentional nor personal
  • What is a password manager / why you need one / how best to use it
  • Why and how data breaches with major companies — you have accounts with — have put you at big risk of getting hacked
  • My opinion on your safest email account
  • What is and how to use 2-factor authentication
  • How and why Facebook’s Twitter account got hacked


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The dramatic 2-part podcast series on the time I was hacked:

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