Podcast – How this Mom added 8,500 New Emails to Her List By Doodling with Diane Bleck

Today, Brock interviews Diane Bleck, the creator and founder of The Doodle Institute. Diane shares with Brock how she turned her passion for creativity and doodling into a 7-figure online business (and how Marketing Impact Academy played a significant role)! She’s also a professional Visual Facilitator & Innovation Strategist with 20 years of experience working with 300+ companies, including: Nike, Google, Mars and Disney bringing their big ideas to life all by doing what she loves… doodling!  


You’ll hear…

  • How Diane transitioned her passion into an online business
  • Who are Diane’s lifers and how she caters to them, specifically
  • How Diane made the most of my term “your lifer is you 5 years ago”
  • The exact process Diane follows to add new email subscribers
  • How Diane taps into what her lifer needs
  • How Diane combines her lifer’s needs with what she personally wants to deliver
  • The steps Diane initially took with her crazy popular lives on Zoom
  • 3 things Diane focuses on to grow her social media organically
  • The email management program Diane prefers and why
  • What is Diane’s process for new email subscribers once they get on her list
  • How Diane has navigated selling during our current world climate
  • How Diane suggests prospective students take advantage of her freemium
  • Where Diane recommends for YOU to start today (if you want to build something online)



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