Part 1 | Dr. Zach Bush on Metabolism, Chronic Health Issues, and Gut Health

Dr. Zach Bush was the president of his medical class at the University of Colorado.  With his MD, he later became the chief resident for the department of internal medicine at the University of Virginia.  Over the past 12 years, he has continued to further his medical education.  He is among the few physicians in the nation that is triple board certified. Having completed certification in 3 fields of interest, including internal medicine, endocrinology, and metabolism.  All things we NEED to know more about about.  He published countless peer reviewed articles and books in areas such as infectious disease, endocrinology, and cancer.  This is someone who is a leader in gut health.  At his own clinic, he treats patients to help them repair leaky gut syndrome, gluten intolerance, diabetes, autoimmune conditions, churns disease, irritable bowl syndrome, and weight loss resistance.

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In this episode Dr. Zach talks to us about everything from metabolism, chronic health issues and gut health!

Where do I start when it comes to this episode. Dude, seriously. One of the most impactful interviews I’ve ever done. Dr. Zach Bush is a leading expert in this field, and what he has to say about the medical world, nutrition, the farming industry and how all it relates to our health… will blow your mind!

I don’t want you to just listen to these episode, I want you to send them to all of your contacts, because this episode might change their life!

I want us to start with gut health. What is gut health? Or should I say, what is considered a healthy gut?

Dr. Zach explains that as consumers we are really unaware of what gut health really is. As opposed to trying to achieve a healthy gut, your focus should be to have an intelligent gut! You want your gut to intelligent enough to know what it should keep in, and what it should push out. The membrane that lines your gut, is large enough to cover 2 tennis courts, and it consists of trillion cells. But our gut membrane is ONLY a single sell thick! Crazy right! ONE! One cell! This gut membrane is what’s responsible for protecting your body against what you take in from the outside world.

Whats even crazier is the fact that the gut’s intelligence isn’t in the cell, it’s between the cells. There are these velcro like proteins that hook-and-eye each other together, and they attach one cell to the next. Now you have this very tightly weaved membrane that is incredibly thin! If that velcro starts to break down, then you start to get leaking across the membrane… and you now have leaky gut and an unintelligent gut. Think of that tightly woven membrane as now fish net stalkings that are allowing your food to pass through your gut and into your blood stream. What’s fascinating is that even if you are eating the cleanest diet in the world, there are still toxins in “clean” healthy foods that are leaking through your gut. Dr. Zach sees this in his patients that eat incredibly clean, but continue to have bloating, discomfort, and weight gain on a super clean diet. Essentially we are fighting our food.

Dr. Zach hypothesizes that every U.S. resident has some degree of leaky gut, simply due to the level of toxins in ALL our foods. However, it’s how your body responds to that leaky gut, that’s important.

When you consume a meal and you have leaky gut, your immune system has to react to every meal… and that food fight requires a large energy output. In this episode Dr. Zach Bush explains exactly what happens in the body. The energy response to leaky gut can cause brain fog, inability to focus or complete tasks, inconsistent sleeping patterns, and pore sex drive. And leaky gut can effect ANY organ in the body!

Think all of this interesting! Well then your next step is download this episode because this is on a fraction of what Dr. Zach Bush teaches us in this episode. You can download this episode HERE >> Part 1 | Dr. Zach Bush on Metabolism, Chronic Health Issues, and Gut Health.

Other topics covered in this mind-blowing interview with Dr. Zach Bush:
– What is metabolism and how to know if your metabolism isn’t working correctly.
– How your body processes food and uses it as fuel.
– How leaky gut effects your body’s ability to process and produce fuel.
– The link between farming (healthy food) and autism, autoimmune disease, and cancer.

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