Podcast – Why You Need to Drop Your Plan B if you Want to Be the Best with Bo Eason

Do you have a plan B? Most of us do. It’s that thing you fall back on if whatever you’re pursuing (your passion, your dream) doesn’t pan out. In today’s episode, my esteemed guest, Bo Eason — former NFL player (top pick), then an award-winning actor, and currently a renowned speaker / leadership coach — argues why you should throw your Plan B out the window and fully commit to what it is YOU want to do. In this life and career-changing episode, Mr. Eason will share strategies from his new book, “There’s No Plan B For Your A-Game”!


You’ll find out…

  • Statistics on the odds of being born
  • How we learn to create a successful story for ourselves (i.e., can we change our personal story?)
  • What is a declaration re: your mindset?
  • Why you should have a declaration over a goal
  • Why thinking about HOW to achieve your dreams is a recipe for failure
  • How the right path will force itself onto you when you’re on the wrong path (i.e., course correction)
  • How we tap into listening to our intuition
  • How we know when to quit something altogether
  • Details on how Bo took that turn from pro footballer to pro actor (beginning in children’s theater!)
  • Al Pacino’s advice to Bo (and their extraordinary full circle moment)
  • The importance (and probability) of becoming the best at something
  • Why people are afraid to commit (to a singular thing)
  • Why we should look for and create obstacles in our life
  • What is Bo’s 66-Day Challenge and why it was created (based on new research)?
  • Why you must build an environment around your A-game
  • Why most of us get distracted from our dreams and/or declaration



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