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Today’s episode is different than any other episode you’ve experienced on Build Your Tribe! You’ll be listening in on a coaching call between me and one of my dear friends, Jen — who’s also a Marketing Impact Academy student. While the topic of our session is all about writing an eBook, the coaching and strategies discussed can be applied to many other products (or situations) one might develop for their business.


You’ll find out…

  • Jen and her husband’s harrowing personal story
  • Jen’s goal in writing her eBook
  • Does Jen want this book to live as a hardcover, too, and why
  • How many words should an eBook be
  • How much detail one should put into an eBook vs a hardcover
  • Why I suggest to Jen that her book needs to be on Audible
  • The monetary upside to recording an Audible book
  • Why one should look into a ghost writer to complete their eBook
  • Where to find a legit ghost writer
  • How to get the best guideline for creating an outline for your book
  • Why I haven’t updated the audio for my book PUSH
  • When you might want to consider renting a studio to record your audio book
  • Should you hire a narrator
  • How long the eBook process generally takes
  • Why you should start a Facebook Group for your eBook
  • What a marketing plan for your eBook looks like
  • The importance of focusing on the prelaunch strategy
  • Why you CAN’T create your product / brand in secret (and expect people to care the day you debut)
  • Why you should consider using your book to promote your business
  • How your book can be the ultimate lead magnet
  • Why you should tell people you’re writing a “book” and not an “eBook”
  • Suggestions / recommendations on how to come up with your title and art
  • Why you want to get transcripts of your podcast (if you have one) and how they may contribute to your book



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