Podcast – Making Sense of Emotions All Over the Place

How are you doing? I repeatedly asked this question to you, my lifers, during these uncertain times. And the answers continue to be so varied! Truth be told, I, too, have been experiencing many of the same roller coaster of emotions as everyone else. So today, I’ll candidly open up about my feelings and views on what is going on in our world right now. I’ll also reveal how I successfully calmed my nerves, lowered expectations, and found daily purpose — in the hopes it works for you, too. As promised, I’m thoroughly committed to you during this time! 


You’ll hear:

  • The conflicting thoughts I have when taking a walk outside
  • Why and how I’m trying to spread awareness
  • What happens to society when people hurt financially
  • The power of reaching out to others during this time
  • What I’m worried about right now
  • How I’ve been able to sleep at night
  • How we tend to process the unknown — from extreme to everyday situations
  • Why you must have appropriate expectations for yourself
  • My funny — yet hopefully realistic — goal for this week
  • Words from a very specific Family Survival Guide
  • The value of looking forward to things, especially in uncertain times



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