Podcast – How to Empower Your Kids to Make Some Extra Money, with Bret Johnson

Today, Bret takes over The Chalene Show — so you know you’re in for a treat! He’ll share easy-to-put-into-action tips that’ll empower your kids to make a little extra money! The 4 key areas Bret covers in this episode are sure to set children up for future financial success and on the road to entrepreneurship!


You’ll find out:

  • What it means to invest in yourself (and how to do it)
  • How Bret (and I) have invested in ourselves
  • What we taught / told our kids re: investing in themselves and entrepreneurship (with personal anecdotes)
  • Why Bret recommends for kids to search for courses / experts / memberships vs searching on YouTube
  • How to approach your kids on the subject of making extra cash
  • Investing 101 with kids
  • Why it’s never too early to teach (and role model) money mindset and how to do it right
  • How a scarcity mindset when it comes to money is damaging to children



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