Podcast – How to Deal with Envy, Jealousy and Comparison

Today, I’ll dive deep into 3 emotions that can literally consume our thoughts: Envy, Jealousy and Comparison. Each of these states of mind will usually lead to feelings of animosity, resentment, self-loathing and competition. It’s no surprise that Social Media plays a huge role in this trifecta of emotions — as it’s human nature to contrast our own lives with others online. So, I’ll share simple things you can do to help break the cycle of these unhealthy feelings and emotions!


You’ll find out…

  • How jealousy and envy differ from each other
  • My recent poll on Instagram that had me suspicious of the results
  • Where envy comes from
  • How our phones are designed to create addiction in us
  • Why I honestly throw a filter on photos sometimes
  • Why it’s human nature to look for “the ideal”
  • Why envy and jealousy are more prevalent today than ever before
  • What the bible teaches about our temptations
  • How God teaches us there’s an escape from our self-defeating thoughts
  • How to avoid feelings of enviousness and comparison when you see things you desire
  • When I find myself envious of others
  • How I turned my own jealousy around re: one particular person (and why I decided to do it)
  • The power of self-awareness
  • Why it’s imperative to celebrate the success of others



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