Turning Mommy Weight Gain into Successful Micro-Influencer | with, Erica Marie

Have you ever thought about becoming a social media influencer, but had no idea how you would… influence? 

In this episode, I chat with Erica Marie, stay at home mother of 4. Because Erica was quite discouraged there were few influencers she could really relate to, she decided to start her very own Facebook group. Her goal was to create a community of women just like her. Well today, her FB group has surpassed 50k members! And, not to mention, it generates a comfortable income for Erica, as well! 

Erica shares how she got started, the systems she created and her personal no tolerance rules (to create a safe and drama free community of women). 

This show is a must-listen for anyone curious about growing a business/brand online. The opportunities to become a micro-influencer are now super obtainable because companies are looking to team up with people who have smaller followings — due to their better engagement.


You’ll find out:

  • The impetus for Erica to start her own thing
  • Erica’s backstory
  • The foundation for Erica’s Facebook group
  • How long it took Erica’s group to grow (and how it happened)
  • What are Erica’s giveaways
  • Erica elaborates on her zero tolerance/drama free policy
  • Erica’s strategy for posting in the group
  • How long it took Erica to start earning from her group
  • Amazon’s surprising community guidelines re: FB groups
  • Why Erica decided to just showcase Amazon products in her group
  • Erica explains Amazon’s different programs (Affiliate vs Influencer, etc.)
  • What is an LTK creator
  • Erica breaks down her different types of commission
  • How Erica deals with constructive feedback
  • How Erica stays focused and doesn’t fall into the trap of doing more
  • Who is running a FB group NOT right for




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