Podcast – From Network Marketer to Building a 7-figure Lifestyle Brand with Erin Sanderson of FitRockerChick

Today, I interview Erin Sanderson (founder of lifestyle brand, Fit Rocker Chick). While Erin’s passion is singing with her band, she realized that particular lifestyle didn’t fit the vision she had for an all-around healthy family life. In this episode, Erin and I discuss: the details on how Erin grew her brand, the importance of building your own brand, what it means to be a true entrepreneur, the risk involved with only one stream of income, when and how to change course with no plan, and so much more! You’ll totally love Erin’s no BS approach to life and see why she has helped thousands of women become the best versions of themselves! I’d also like to proudly mention that she is one of my very successful Marketing Impact Academy students!


You’ll hear…

  • How did Erin, with her screaming fans as a rocker chic, come to grips with joining an MLM?
  • What Erin’s experience was like starting an MLM business
  • Why Erin always encouraged her team not to follow her
  • The point when Erin realized she could step into her own brand
  • What Erin had to do to really establish the fact that she herself was the brand
  • How the building of FitRockerChick came to be
  • How Erin used Imposter Syndrome to her benefit
  • The first thing Erin did that was all hers (and had nothing to do with her network marketing)
  • Was it easy for Erin to transition into creating her own offering?
  • How Erin continues to build her audience after her first course
  • How Erin took the leap of faith to do her own thing even though she was making money through her MLM
  • The different streams of income under Erin’s umbrella brand
  • The benefit of going into something (like, starting a beta group) with a rough sketch — not a specific plan
  • Why you must release your ventures one at a time
  • What Erin’s audience didn’t react well to
  • What led Erin to doing her first live event 



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