Podcast – Everything You Need to Know About Instagram TV with Brock Johnson

This episode is going to encompass everything you currently need to know about Instagram TV. While both Brock and I have covered IGTV tips in the past, today, Brock promises you’ll learn brand new exciting tidbits of information that’ll ensure you’re crushing your IG game!


You’ll find out…

  • Why Instagram TV matters
  • Why it’s in your best interest to start posting IGTVs right now
  • The one thing the 200+ Instagram accounts (Brock has reviewed) have in common
  • Brock’s recommendation for how to record your IGTVs (vertical or horizontal)
  • Whether to record your video on your phone or fancier camera
  • How long your IGTV should be, ideally
  • Why you should add closed captions to your IGTV
  • Brock’s favorite app for closed captions
  • Why you should engage with other accounts before you post
  • 2 specific ways you can upload your IGTV content
  • Tips on creating a title for your IGTV
  • Things to check after you post your IGTV
  • How to share your IGTV to Stories so that it garners attention



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