Keto Craze | What are Exogenous Ketones, Are They Safe & Do You Need Them?

Should You Try the Ketogenic Diet? & Are Exogenous Ketones Safe For You?

In this episode, Dr. Dominic D’Agostino discusses a very popular topic: exogenous ketones. What are they? What are the pros and cons? What’s the research say? Are all products equal?  Dr. Dom answers all of these questions and more in this lesson.

This probably isn’t the first time you’ve heard of the Ketogenic Diet. You most likely know someone who is practicing this method of eating. In just a matter of time, everyone will know about eating a Keto Diet and supplementing with exogenous ketones. With exogenous ketones being a huge trend in the dieting industry right now, there happens to be a few misconceptions with the approach.

It needs to be clarified whether or not YOU as an individual should be using exogenous ketones, and whether it is safe for YOU. With the aid of Dr. Dom, this episode will lay out for you the science behind a ketogenic diet and how you can determine whether this way of eating will be effective for you.

exogenous ketones

Thank you for listening to this episode of The Chalene Show. I believe it is my job to keep you all informed and in the know of what’s being talked about in the diet industry. There tends to be an overwhelming amount of misconceptions and scares with any uprising trend. Whenever this occurs, I try to do my best to break the science down for you, oftentimes with the assistance of leading experts like Dr. D’Agostino.

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