Facebook Tips Every Business Owner Must Know | Part 2

If you did not yet listen to part one, I recommend you go back and listen to it. However, it doesn’t necessarily hurt to listen to them at least part two before listening to pat one I recommend that you listen to the series to it entirely and I have devoted it to Facebook because let’s face it there is no bigger better social media platform. Why are we spending time trying to figure out lesser platforms when all of the people that is pretty much to reach are all of much everything that you need to do on Facebook. That is not to negate using other social media platforms I mean hello I love Instagram but if I don’t know how to use the power editor in Facebook, then I can’t ran ads on Instagram. It starts with a better understanding of Facebook and how do we use Facebook to grow our businesses.

You my friend all you need is an idea and the desire to help people that you can start a business you don’t need a pedigree, you don’t have gone to the prestigious university, you don’t need a marketing degree, you don’t need to write a business plan. You literally come up with an idea, reserve a domain name and with the help of social media you can build a business and start building a business tonight. How the whole world is in doing this, I don’t know. Like even if you have a job A JOB. Don’t you think to have an extra coin in your pocket to have a nice pair of shoes or some pretty earrings or rainy day or like I don’t know I don’t know why everyone does it but it is not for everybody right and if it was for everybody it will never be so cool. But if it is for everybody that we can do in terms of building businesses and great part to do to social media and understanding what we can do with it.

But today, I want to talk specifically to those of you who are trying to build a brand in a very competitive market now long use of fitness as an example but please no this will apply the same concept that will apply the hairdresser because there is a million of people cutting hair or you are a teacher or an educator or an online marketer or somebody who is a rep for Avon. Whatever it is you do there is a million other people who do it so I want you to take the lessons and the concepts that I am going to discuss to you today and even though I am going to use a fitness references I want you to know the theories apply regardless of what industry you are in because the bottom line is you got to figure out a way that you are unique otherwise why do we got to you like burger joints. There are 30 different burger chains, why do some people pick from one chain to another? Because they have something unique to offer and that is what you need to understand. What is it you have to offer that is unique? And that is what we are going to be talking about. The next that you have to is step three if you will is to use the power of your Like page to help you build a following off of Facebook and I know Facebook will crash the app I am using right now but I am saying that but the point is, the truth is, the facts of the matter is you don’t own Facebook and you can do something, which happens to my clients all the time were suddenly you were kick off by Facebook I have my account disabled for impersonating Chalene Johnson and it took me a week to prove who I was. It happens, number one happens and number two you know, we know that Facebook is on top of the game for quite some time you just never know ultimately I don’t know if you are going to be on Facebook. I don’t have really have access to you, I don’t know if you can see this in the news feed, and so the people that you want to connect with, the people who want the true relationship, your goal should not be send to Youtube or just send to your Instagram or just send them your shopping page I see so many people who get into business and see them buy ID’s or distributors to have them MNM, and they send everybody to their generic shopping page first. Why do you do that? You just get lost and  when you go to your generic shopping page, which is certainly nothing unique because it is a generic page I’ve lost you I no longer see you I don’t get to connect with you so that shouldn’t be the first place you send people, the first place you should send people is the place where you deepen the relationship.

Customers, Businesses, are not built on products customers, relationships, long term relationships, sustainable businesses are built because I like you, I like you, and I like you because I can trust you and I can’t trust you and I can’t certainly know you if you just send me to the generic page website. So send me to the place where I can get to know you a little better. Great example for this, I will provide examples to you all week long. The best way to do this on Facebook for free is to go to your cover art and change your cover art into a gift to those people who are visiting your page if you go back and take a look of the cover art that I used on facebook.com/chalenereviews a program called CANVA it is free.  C-A-N-V-A, okay so with CANVA, you can select a predesigned template the perfect size the perfect dimension and it looks professional. You don’t have to hire someone on Fiber or Port to design it for you, you can change it out every week or you have something new to offer people. You can send them if you want youtube video or a news letter, your website or send it to the website where the relationship continue, for me I used it right now as you can see you can click on it and it will say Get My Free 90 Day Go Planner, Click Here. Now, this is a work around, get ready to take a place because this is an awesome work run. You guys will LOVE this you will LOVE this. Okay so her you go, you are going to go to CANVA and what I have done is that I have designed a banner and in the middle of it I say click here or download or get it here right. Okay Chalene, does Facebook authorize that option and does it click. Do you have to do that and pay for that click and takes website? How does it actually work? What happens is when someone clicks on the Facebook, you giving them the call of action, you said, the action that I would like you to take is to click on this photo when you click on the photo a description pops up next to the photo, and that description connects a link back to my Freemium, awesome. Then in exchange I get people a 90 day go planner what do they give me they give me their email address because I have to send them the PDF I have to download it and printed it out that is how the relationship starts. Now, that person is on my email list and I have identified them not just somebody who is just interested in fitness which is great but the person who I am trying to serve who has something more, the person who is like the fitness is my thing but it is only a piece of me. I’ve got something bigger, I wanna help other people. I don’t have business I want to start. Somebody who is working on 90 days old is very different, someone who is only interested on abdominal exercises. So the Freemium that I offer needs to help me attract the kind of people I want to work with.

I say that because for example you are in network marketing organization let’s say you are a personal trainer and you want to build your business on Facebook but what you are trying to do instead of your stuff from home to home to home to home you would like to have people to buy your diet program where you basically make them fill out a complete questionnaire, Photos back and front of what they look like their age you know like full questions like you know exactly what you are dealing with and you decide for them a custom work out plan and they pay a flat free per month to get that program updated now you are making money while you sleep right instead having to go to door to door to door to train people okay so you see that personal trainer they want to avoid attracting people who just want to work with them in person right. They are going to find somebody to isn’t just looking for free tips but somebody who really want to know about nutrition and health and they just get it to someone that get them an accountable and they need somebody who really help them dial in their nutritional work outs so that is a very particular person who have to consider who is that you going to attract if you are in a network marketing organization and you are frustrated by the type of people who keep drawing in ask yourself what you are using to attract customers because you may be using something that attracts a large group but it is not specific to the type of business builders that you are looking for, you are looking for an A players, you are looking for people who totally get it and those people are people who are already successful, they don’t need your opportunity, they don’t think they need it, they don’t think that they are because they are already successful.

So what you use as your freemium or as an opt on your Facebook page should relate to the type of person who your ultimately trying to work with. What am I using to attract my customers, yeah you know I talk to clients all the time, students if you will the Marketing Impact Academy. Now tell me, my customers they don’t have money to spend, they don’t give me much feedback, they lose interest quickly, they are not the kind of people that I am looking for and I just have to say you’ve got to putting out then what are you putting out to the world because we shouldn’t be here for the popularity. We should niche ourselves. So we can find perhaps a smaller group but the right group right. Like you don’t need a massive ton of customers, you need the right kind of people the kind of people who get you and oh dude I get you and I am going to take care of you like that is what I am looking for. I am not looking to take care of everybody, I am probably not your girl but if you are business minded your family comes first you don’t mind to talk about how important God is to me and how important fitness is to me because you are a girl but you are just here to talk about nutrition and food, I am not your girl because that is a piece of me. My day started here in the gym and I think every business owners regardless of what business you own but I don’t care if you are someone who puts wall paper up every day if that is your business it better include fitness because that is how you take care of yourself and how are you going to expect to take care of your customers, if you yourself cannot take care of your health. I am concern about your priorities if you cannot take care of your concerns that is who I am. I am a business expert who believes fitness is a critical component of all businesses it shocks me how many health professionals are unhealthy. That doesn’t make sense. It shocks me that how many teachers who are teaching our children how to be smart how to take care of themselves how to make their way in the world aren’t taking care of their own health. I think it starts with fitness and that is who I am but that is why fitness is very important to me not because you should be allowed to have 99 percent body fat not because I think you should count your macros and that you should train so hard that your knees is about to pop off. That is not me. That is not important to me. What is important to me is that you are working something toward to feel amazing that you are working towards goal setting. Fitness is giving you the opportunity to give a possible. Fitness in my mind is a gateway drug. It teaches people with a plan and some determination. You should have to want it. And people they do that and they are like wow! This is crazy. I have been heavy all my life, but if I put together a plan and I stuck to it and I feel good and people are responding to me and I have got energy and this is making me think that I need more for myself. Maybe I should set a goal setting and people tend to step on a personal development and a personal development often lead to a personal development. And that is the continuum and those are the people that you want to take care of. And so that is what I am trying to attract to my page so my number three tip today one number two yesterday my number three tip today is to use the banner across the Facebook Like page to take care of people. To build rapport by using that space to build your email list as an example you can look at mine at facebook.com/chalene yeah show you how to do that. Okay the messenger feature those of you are using the like page I saw many of your comments yesterday from your video I did hear LIVE you said Chalene, I used my personal page because that is how I use to connect my customers using messenger. You can use messenger with your Like page now. I think a lot of people do realize to do that and then you can specifically can reach out to people who are fans to your page as your page. Do you know that you can have one business page, you can have a page for each personal interest just like you do say in Instagram but don’t think that the only way that you can connect to people is through your personal page. You Like page would have the ability to reach far more people and that leads me to the number the next you can call that my number two tip my number five tips is analytics. You would drive down the road but trying to find a new restaurant or friends home and not know the address and not know how far it was and not know where you are going. You wanna know where you are going and you are not just driving around circles but you see most people are doing in social media to find a business is that they are just doing. They are just driving and they are waking up every day and they are going to come up on their fly and what they are going to post and they may keep checking up to see is it popular is there anybody like it and am I getting an attraction that is not a plan stand that is planning around the circles. You have to know who is that you are serving, how old are they you need insights and Facebook gives those to you. They give you those insights and all you need to do is look at them and you’ll know which of the post are the most popular, how old is the average person who is tuning in, and sometimes more importantly you can see people who are enaging and commenting and liking and they don’t like your page but they are still engaging to your post because they are showing on their news feed and you can find their age and their gender they live, everything you need to know about them what time they are online what time they are usually be posting what type of post will they get the best engagement and the best reach and if you are not looking at that honestly it is like being a business owner who is driving around in circles it is like having  no plan it is throwing something on the wall and you have got to be able to look at what is happening so that you know what is working and what is not working. Otherwise, you are not using your time effectively and I just know as a business owner there is so much to do and so many things so many possibilities that we have to use our time wisely and do what is most effective. Okay, great question. Hey, how is somebody a brand new and just started a Like page and build a following. I am so glad you ask. Katie you are going to do the exact same thing that I do and everyone is watching should do and just to pay a close attention to changes on Facebook , Algorithms and what’s working. So I can tell you this. Are you ready for this hot tip everybody, are you ready are you ready are you ready are you ready, here you go the number one thing that you should be doing everyday is Facebook LIVE. Yup. Whenever Facebook releases a new feature or a new program or like LIVE. Obviously, pushing LIVE video into the stream as you can see right now as we are LIVE there is one point one so a little over a thousand people watching this broadcast yesterday when I did the broadcast LIVE I had between 8 and 900 on LIVE within a half hour listen to this, yesterday the video I did LIVE I did about 800 and 900 people LIVE within an hour it reaches 500 people in an hour with zero paid ads. Zero boost, zero. Five hundred thousand within an hour so that means you my friend you have to go LIVE but you just can’t go to just go LIVE you have to go LIVE and be a value you have an content you have to start off the bang you need to show up and deliver you need to be valuable to people you need broadcast should be brief they should have brighten and they should be done you need to so that people when they go LIVE oh this is going to be golden and I hope that is what you feel on my broadcast I hope that every time she goes LIVE it is not her dancing around and being a goofball or whatever she is giving us nuggets. And I hope that you feel about this that is how I am going to go to Facebook page and that is how a new person what you have to do is video now if you are not comfortable going LIVE or if you just started your online page this is the hack and people don’t know about this the algorithm loves the video all video except video from other platforms. What do you mean Chalene, I mean Facebook is not that keen on posting links to Youtube I don’t know if you know this Youtube, Google, Instagram and facebook you see they are not exactly imbedded together in fact they don’t want someone sending to Youtube obviously. So that is going to decrease your on your newsfeed. Duh so what kind of video are talking about Chalene, pretty much get this you can pretty much share any freaking awesome video that somebody posted on Facebook. And just by sharing it you get more views. You don’t believe me? All you do is look at my page, find a video that is very funny or interesting better funny because funny broad scale like it doesn’t matter what business you are in and what kind of people will follow you. Everybody gets funny so if you share a funny video watch will happen to your views. Watch what happens to the Likes you get that week, watch what happens your Facebook page because then what happens is that Facebook tracks the algorithm and it goes oh okay so people who followed Jane Doe like the videos that she post.

Facebook doesn’t have any idea what they know, they don’t have know what they are doing that you can share an hysterically funny video here is my tip this is a really great hack try it and try it and I can’t wait to hear what happens. If you share a one funny short video everyday for five days, I guarantee look what your insight, your insights will go through the roof and then what happens that now the algorithm Facebook release okay now so followers of Jane Doe love funny videos okay now what you can do is that you can post a funny video and share it in a great tip and it is automatically go well and the video that she posted and people like videos of her and him and so they are going to put it in her newsfeeds now post a bad video that people aren’t interested in they don’t like they don’t comment they don’t engaged then your reach goes down and then down and down and down so the key is to make sure that people got engaged when you are doing a video and now I am going to talk about that tomorrow but here is my tip to you when you go LIVE if you don’t have a lot of followers there maybe no one on to go LIVE so don’t expect to a conversation deliver stand and freaking deliver go beat em beat em beat em know where to deliver to people. Give them killer content that is unbelievable and high energy and captivating and so the people will be this is so good  and it will make me look good if I share see that is when people share content it is not like oh this girl is prettier this girl is ahh whatever you are not going to share this video right now unless it looks good on you meaning I share content in my page but not just somebody is my friend I am here like it is okay it is going to me look good to my followers that I am going to share to them and somebody who is a no so that is what I use as a test to understand I am like okay do I have to share this video or not to benefit my followers how does it make me look that is why I love to share funny stuff because that is going to make me look funny if I am going share a funny video it will seem to look funny right and if you share something incredibly informative cutting edge touching beautiful things that move and it says a little bit of who we are that we share those kinds of videos so when you go LIVE just know they maybe no one on but mark my words leave it up for a couple of days and watch what happens to the reach but you better be good for it you show up and it is like you start your video hey guys I am talking about Facebook specifically on how you use Facebook to set up a part I am talking to you specifically how you can be unique in the fitness industry and build a business here and how I have done it but this is going to apply anyone who is on business and using Facebook. My name is Chalene Johnson, you NewYork Times, best selling author and the creator of the Marketing Impact Academy smart success academy I am also the creator of several fitness PYO, TURBO FIRE and TURBO JAM and today I want to help you to understand how to stand out and in social media my first tip and that is how I go and I don’t have even have to look at notes because I know what I want to say and keep it brief be brief and make it right, make done just like what we did right here right now because I know you want the engagement that you can get by using LIVE video. I have created a freemium I have created a free gift for you it is called blast your broadcast you go to blastyourbroadcast.com and to your email address and I will send you your complete list everything you need to know to have a killer LIVE video. LIVE is very different from edited videos it is a different beast and you want to nail it for the first time you make sure that you have a great sound the best lighting and use the format that will get you to have an engagement in my free report I will share to you the best resources including how to create a content that gets people to come back for more so check it out at blastyourbraodcast.com

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