Family Body Issues | Do’s and Don’ts to Inspire Family

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 11.48.23 AMIn this episode with Keith and Chalene, they talk about how the environment you’re raised in can affect you on a powerful level when it comes to body image.

Topics discussed in this episode:
– Keith talks about how seeing his mom emotionally eat, effected him.
– Looking at your past and how food was used as a way to comfort people.
– Dealing with a partner that is fearing positive changes in your life.
– Open communication is key when we decide to change our lives and our partner isn’t there yet. Don’t tell them what you’re doing, don’t ridicule them for not making the same changes, try to positively motivate them to take the journey with you.Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 11.59.51 AM
– Model the changes you want to see in others.
– Embracing who you are.
– How our body image has been shaped by television, magazines, and online.
– Lead with love and you’ll always win!
– People don’t want to change when you’re wagging a finger at them. Approach others with compassion, understanding and with love.
– A parent needs to be aware of the negative things they are saying about their body.
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Time codes:
0:00 intro
1:30 all I want for xmas is subscribers
2:05 today we’re talking about body image
3:40 how damaging our family’s comments can be in our development
4:48 how body image can stem from our upbringing and what our parents said to you
5:20 Keith seeing his mom emotionally eat
6:29 Keith used to be 125 pounds heavier
7:04 we condition small children to be soothed by food
7:33 food is love, it’s how we show we care about others
8:28 it starts with who’s doing the grocery shopping
9:25 spouses can experience resentment
10:38 encourage by example
11:40 the fear of a relationship shifting or changing
12:38 the best thing a parent can do to set their child up for success
14:10 we really have to be careful and aware of what we say to people
16:05 40-60% of elementary aged girls are concerned about getting fat
17:47 these is also the struggle of someone being very thin and unable to lose weight – we forget that they experience ridicule too
18:37 God doesn’t make mistakes
20:00 The message is to lead with love and you’ll always win
21:03 Keith, was their dieting going on in your house?
22:38 your 5 year old in the back seat can hear your negative comments about yourself
24:37 a freelancers approach to chalene’s photos
26:11 thanks for kicking it with Keith

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