Fast 5 Protocol with Dr. Bert Herring

In this episode we covered:

  • Exactly what a shortened window fast is and the health benefits of it.

  • This interview with Dr. Bert Herring is SO powerful! We dive into the study of 1 and how you are always in control of your diet and your fasting approach.

  • How our culture has affected our ability to lose weight.

  • Trusting your body, trusting your intuition and taking back control of your diet.

  • Why YOU are the expert in your own body.

  • The time frame you should give every diet, to determine if it’s effective or not.

A Shortened Window Protocol:

  • Set a 5 hour block of time in the day for eating window.

  • Fast during the time outside this 5 hour window.

  • The eating window can be any time of day.

  • The number of meals/snacks in that window is up to you.

  • Fuel with real food but the ratio is up to your appetite preference.

  • During the fasting hours, stay hydrated and avoid caloric beverages.

Transitioning into a Shortened Window:

  • You can start cold turkey or slowly work down to 5 hours.

  • Some people tend to overeat the first few days during the eating window due to fear of not eating enough. Trust your body to be resilient. This won’t work in one day. The fast five protocol is a simple rule but you may need up to 3 weeks to work with it. Adapting to fasting takes time.

  • Any food will break the fasting period. The brain is a digestive organ and is signaled when food is available. This makes it challenging to limit that to a small portion.

  • Staying in or breaking out of ketosis during your eating window will depend on WHAT you’re eating—you know this by now though.

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