Podcast – Ryan Ferguson Wrongfully Convicted of Murder

Today, I speak with author Ryan Ferguson (“Stronger, Faster, Smarter”) about being wrongly convicted of murder at the age of 17. After spending over a decade behind bars, Ryan learned a lot about the value of both emotional strength and physical strength. In this interview, he explains how he adjusted to a life in prison, how he worked out, and how he’s coping with this strange detour in his life.


You’ll hear…

  • Why I decided to approach this interview from a different angle
  • The details behind the accusations against Ryan, his wrongful conviction, and its eventual overturn
  • How long Ryan thought he’d be in jail
  • What it felt like for Ryan every time an appeal wasn’t granted
  • How Ryan describes himself before the conviction occurred
  • How Ryan dealt with the depression that set in after his conviction
  • Why Ryan wasn’t allowed to go outside for the 1st year he was behind bars
  • Why County Jail is “far worse” than prison
  • What was the inspiration for Ryan to change his outlook
  • The moment Ryan realized County Jail was no joke
  • Was working out part of Ryan’s routine before jail
  • What Ryan’s dad said to him that inspired his productivity behind bars
  • Ryan’s exercise regimen in prison
  • How Ryan got creative working out in County Jail (with no exercise equipment)
  • How did Ryan cope with the food in County Jail (with limited nutritional content)
  • Ryan’s work out routine in prison while he was at the peak of his performance
  • Does Ryan do cardio
  • How much time Ryan was given to exercise in prison
  • How working out affected Ryan’s mental wellbeing
  • What was Ryan’s adjustment to life after prison (i.e., how he’s coping today)
  • What makes Ryan feel instantly down



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