Podcast – Fertility Fraud | Searching for The Truth and Justice | with, Eve Wiley

Eve grew up in a very small town and always knew there was something different about her, but what she uncovered was filled with injustice and deception. 

I talk with Eve Wiley about how she discovered she was conceived via a sperm donor. Her journey to uncover the mystery of her biological father is filled with twists and turns and, ultimately, an unbelievable outcome — that now finds  her advocating for changes in the laws in 42 states where fertility fraud is still legal.


You’ll find out:

  • Eve’s backstory
  • How sperm banks/donors worked in the 80s
  • The doctor’s recommendation to Eve’s parents (re: sperm donor)
  • How anonymity breeds fraud
  • Things that raise doubt re: why Eve’s father sought a sperm donor
  • Experiences (growing up) that caused Eve to know something wasn’t right
  • What happened with Eve at 16 that led to her finding out the truth
  • The surprising emotion Eve felt when finding out the truth
  • Forced gratitude many adopted / sperm donor children experience
  • Why it felt like a second chance when Eve discovered the truth
  • The process in which Eve had to wait until she was 18 to find her artificial insemination donor (bio dad)
  • The very first time Eve met her biological father and the relationship that developed
  • When things changed for Eve re: her bio dad
  • Does a donor typically know how many offspring they may have produced?
  • Why there are crazy numbers of half siblings in the US
  • When Eve discovered her DNA doesn’t match her “bio” dad’s
  • The difficult decisions/choices Eve made that truly show her character (that could’ve remained a secret)
  • The motivation of the doctor
  • Did Eve confront the doctor and did he accept culpability?
  • The advice Eve gave her mom re: the deception and how to accept things
  • Did Eve get the impression she was the first to confront the doc?
  • How Eve’s experience is an example of rape culture
  • Eve’s professional life before she became an advocate (and how it helped with her understanding of victimization)
  • The problem with doctors policing doctors
  • How/why hair salons (for example) have to worry about violations more than doctors do
  • Eve’s suggestion as to where to start if you suspect you might be doctor-conceived
  • The power and corruption of NDAs
  • How we can help re: patients rights and legislation
  • How YOU made a difference by my simply tagging people on a Reel re: Bills



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