Podcast – Find Purpose in Your Past with Danette May

Today, I sit down with Danette May — world renowned motivational speaker, best-selling author, and former celebrity fitness trainer. I feel that Danette is a kindred spirit as we are both passionate about helping people achieve their happiest and healthiest lives. On this episode, you’ll hear us interview each other as we share our individual journeys while covering a wide range of topics, including: diet, fitness, nutrition, spirituality, family and purpose. The most important takeaway from this conversation, though, in my opinion, is how we both used pain from our past to shape what we’re doing today. Bonus: Danette and I give our best personal health and fitness tips!


You’ll find out:

  • Why I believe there’s no such thing as a singular purpose
  • My thoughts on learning I was going to meet Danette (and what happened when I Googled her for the first time)
  • My answer when people ask why I’ve been successful in health & fitness
  • The one skill I was missing growing up which led to failure after failure
  • Why I don’t believe we know our defining moments until long after they’ve occurred
  • When Danette’s purpose shifted to health & fitness
  • Why our greatest challenges — even those that are seemingly impossible get through — become our purpose
  • The scare that got me taking my health seriously
  • The first thing I had to do to get my health right
  • Where Danette’s passion for superfoods originated
  • Why and when Danette decided to take a dive into alternative forms of healing and nutrition
  • Why Danette has only grown more passionate over the years re: superfoods
  • Food items Danette encourages you to stop buying and remove from your kitchen altogether
  • My fave food tracking app
  • How I formed my healthy habits
  • The 1 thing I do in the morning to set myself up for peace
  • What Danette’s morning looks like



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