Find Purpose in Your Past with Danette May

Ever wondered how you can turn your past struggles into your life’s purpose? Today, I’m thrilled to share the insights from my chat with Danette May. We’re two kindred spirits with a shared mission: to help you lead a happier, healthier life. 

We dive into everything from diet and fitness to spirituality and family. But the real gem? Learning how we’ve both leveraged our past pain to guide our present purpose.

Tracing My Journey: The Evolution of a Fitness Guru

We all start somewhere, and so did I. Meeting Danette felt like a collision of two universes, each committed to spreading wellness and purpose. When I first Googled Danette, I was intrigued by how much we have in common. It’s that familiarity that makes this chat so riveting.

Why have I been successful in health and fitness? A simple answer: perseverance. But it’s not all rosy; I faced my fair share of challenges. As a youngster, I lacked one crucial skill – the ability to stick to anything long-term. It was a cycle of excitement and then disinterest, which led to multiple unfinished projects.

Purpose Shaped by Past Challenges

It took me years to understand that defining moments often become apparent much later in life. In my 20s, I was constantly juggling multiple interests, from paralegal work to fitness classes. At the time, it felt like aimless wandering, but in hindsight, each step was a building block toward my purpose. The turning point? Realizing that focus was the missing link in my life’s puzzle.

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Journey Through Transformation: When Danette Embraced Health & Fitness

Danette May wasn’t always a beacon of health and fitness. Her shift towards this calling came after hitting rock bottom, a phase that included battling depression following the loss of her infant son and undergoing a divorce. What’s fascinating is how Danette views these trials as instrumental to her purpose. These hardships drove her towards holistic healing and nutrition, turning her pain into a powerful mission.

The Importance of Putting Health First

My wake-up call was both alarming and enlightening. Despite being at the pinnacle of my fitness career, a brain scan showed my health was far from optimal. My brain was aging rapidly due to inflammation caused by a poor diet and a stressful lifestyle. Changing my eating habits was the initial step in reclaiming my health. That was my shift from appearance-centric to health-focused living.

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Danette’s Passion for Superfoods

So where did Danette’s passion for superfoods come from? Well, she didn’t just read about them; she experienced their transformative power. This self-discovery journey led her to recommend ditching some kitchen staples. Think white sugar, canola oil, white flour, and wheat. These are foods that have no place in a health-conscious kitchen.

Healthy Habits: Making Lifestyle Changes Stick

When it comes to tracking your food, I’m a big fan of MyFitnessPal. It’s all about the macros! Creating new habits involved restructuring my life to encourage better decisions. For me, that meant getting quality sleep, starting the day on a tranquil note, and yes, swapping out Diet Coke for water. Danette, on the other hand, dives deep into her soul each morning with gratitude writing, which she credits for unlocking her creativity and intuition.

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Your Past Can Fuel Your Future Purpose

Life is a blend of peaks and valleys, but understanding that your most significant challenges can turn into your purpose is liberating. Through shared experiences and wisdom, Danette and I hope to inspire you to find that sense of purpose rooted in your own past. Take small steps towards better habits, and you’ll see transformation ensue.


Ready to dive deeper into your own journey of health, purpose, and transformation? Tune in to episode #568 of The Chalene Show to hear more insights from me and Danette. 

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