Podcast – Finding Your Voice | How to Be More Assertive

How to Stand Up for Yourself Once and For All

Do you sometimes feel like a doormat? Does it sometimes feel like certain people take advantage or take you for granted? Is your reluctance to speak your mind creating resentment towards someone or something? We all have certain relationships where we just want to keep the peace or go with the flow. But all too often we hesitate to ask for what we need or share your honest opinion because we fear rejection.

You’ve got one life to live and if you’re going to make the most of it, you need to find your voice! Learning to be more assertive doesn’t mean that you will have to get comfortable with confrontation. Rather, it’s about getting comfortable with honest communication and minimizing your fear of rejection.


In this episode, I share with you how to reframe your definition of assertiveness. You will be motivated by the many benefits that come from finding and using your voice. In this episode, you can expect to:

1. Learn how to get what you want without a blow-up or creating pent up resentment.

2. Redefine what it means to stand up for yourself so it’s not such a big hairy, anxiety producing ordeal.

3. Learn how to conduct fact-finding Instead of expecting people to read your mind – or assuming you can read theirs.

4. Understand how taming a motion will help you to generate the results you desire.

5. Develop the kind of empathy that will soften your heart and help you to feel that these instances are not personal.

6. Get the exact language you need to navigate your next negotiation, miscommunication or uncomfortable conversation.

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