Swimsuit Shopping, Body Makeup, Lazy Day Beauty Tricks, Thong Bathing Suits, House Hunting, Gym Drama and Miami Vibes

Hey there! It sure seems like I’m going to be in the Miami Beach area for a few more months. If you would be interested in doing a Miami meet up, send me a text with the #Miami to 949.503.9873 details to come! 

Today’s episode is probably more interesting for the ladies… But here’s what you can expect: 

  • Tips for swimsuit shopping at any size in any age
  • Reminiscing about the days when we wore nylons… Always.
  • The best places to buy swimsuits and coverups.
  • Shien And revolve bathing suit comparisons.
  • Chalene’s Amazon Favorites 
  • The snapshot newsletter 
  • My Instagram.com/Chalene 
  • Tips and tricks to feel and look your best when you’re wearing less clothes
  • Ozempic 
  • House hunting in Miami 
  • Is it appropriate to wear a thong bathing suit after menopause? 
  • Gym affairs and young chicks with old dicks 
  • Buying your first house
  • Patreon 
  • Big plans for the podcast   
  • NBA bachelor pads
  • Hormonal Hair Loss Remedy



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