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I will share with you, what I believe the most important elements of a really great converting freemium. Now remember and I will help you for being smart is right now when people talk about the highest converting of freemium or the type of lead magment that has the highest conversion rate. Remember, they might simply be talking about converting in terms of converting into the list that is not ultimately our goal that’s like making your goal make it’s likes as possible on your instagram picture, who cares if those people will never become your customers. I want you to worry about the type of conversion that converts somebody into a loyal fan. A lifer. Here are the elements that a top converting frremium must have number one TIME, meaning how much time are they spending with you if that is something that they quickly download and never had to open or never really have to look at it then they are not spending much time with you. Number two, INTIMACY. by intimacy I mean they get to know you and this is either they are seeing you in video, they are hearing your voice, or they are getting you a piece of your story who you are. Number three is QUALITY. Your freemium should be well designed, well thought out, you can tell by looking at it you’ve put a lot of time and effort into this and then you’ve cut no corners, your freemium must solve some kind of problem like they’re saving people money or it is helping them to find a solution, it provides answers to their questions. That’s number four. Next is MORE THAN ONE TOUCH POINT, by that I mean if you simple opt in or get somebody checklist and you download the checklist and it is a PDF and it is just font and you don’t know anything about them and that is the only touch point that had with you. Well that is not much to build on long term last term relationship I don’t know anything about you but if you were to tell me that I could receive your webinar and also there will be a LIVE follow up Q & A, that’s at the minimum two touch points that’s at the minimum two emails one to let me know the webinar and the second one is to let me know about the Live Q&A so when we touch and there is somebody in front of  us thinking about them then we start to build a relationship with them they are in their minds and second time short period of time and the other important element toward it, is when training them that each time to get an email from us it’s going to be a value it is a great content after when they are going to be rewarded by opening it now what it does with their email provider you see when you start sending emails to the people around your list and if they are not opening to see these emails well then eventually most SPAMS __ will say these are emails coming from somebody you are not opening them, so we will just conveniently put them into your SPAMS promotions folders for you and people aren’t opening your emails simply because they are not ending up into their inbox so from the beginning, we are teaching a relationship wherein you see an email from me it is going to be a high quality content that solves a problem for you and you’re opening those emails and it is more than enough the initial exchange then we are establishing a relationship. Next is a directed actions and fast results and in other words, you promise them solution and you delivered results. And lastly, to Build a Relationship with trust and integrity, there must be a call to action. What’s next? Where do we go from here? Think of your Freemium and your Lead magnet as your first date and imagine you have this amazing first date, and wow everything’s great and you really impress and you are looking forward to the next time you will meet but you just both walk away from each other, who is in charge here? You would hope that the person who ask you on this date will ask you in your second date i.e. the call of action. You are the leader, you are the expert, I wanna be taken care of, tell me what is next, don’t leave me hanging, something that makes people desire more. Either more information, more time with you, more of your expertise, or that next step, those are the critical elements or lead magnets and freemiums that produce or convert into lifers. Take a look at the Freemiums and Lead Magnets they opted into two __ or over the next couple of days and I want you to say how much of these elements are there? And what is missing? And What have you done differently? And if you already have lead magnets or Freemiums take a look at them and see how might be able to prove upon them to make sure somebody’s elements are included now to be honest there are some freemiums that we offer that don’t have all those elements but are best converting freemiums that ones that turned to somebody’s email address to a lifer have all of these elements.

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So what are we talking about are some different types of Freemium that you can create because everything that as we said as you are becoming a Freemium Becoming Machine. Like you can turn out Freemium so fast but you cannot forget that the goal is to serve so I don’t give you the wrong impression and have you think that oh you just having those turn into junk No, we often times don’t know what people really want until we put it out there and then once we put it out there I want you to make it better. But the more Freemiums you have the more people you will have in your email list and the deeper relationship you will have to your __ we have so many freemiums and it is fun and it is fun for me to find out which ones are going to really work so okay the first one is Video Freemiums, now what I love about video freemiums is y’all is that your smart phones has the very best camera available you know you don’t need fancy equipment so you can do video tutorials you can do how to use you can do a coaching video you can do a LIVE coaching video record it and turn it to Digital program. You can do a Work out Video wat yeah you can give people hey here are my five best routines and you can create a digital download of your workouts or maybe you have workouts variations that you can teach people that you can modify. One of our Former students did some amazing job of specifically targeting on their weight loss journey but they have a hundred pounds to lose and most of exercise videos that are crazy fit you know freaks of nature and you have somebody 100 pounds overweight watching how am I going to do this we’ll she’s crazily serious in making those videos teach those that market how to modify the workouts you can do a cooking video all of these are ideal digital downloads another great freemium is a webinar. Now we a bit actually, I think some of you even met me on webinar because webinar is actually a great way to teach people incredible value and they have to give you their email address in order to get on that webinar. How about power points o you created a power point or report and you want to share that with other people, NO PROBLEM here you go all I need is your email address. And you can also have LIVE video trainings so you can say hey guys I am doing LIVE video webinar or a LIVE video training on such and such date on and all I need is your email address and I will send you information on how to get you that day okay those are those simple things you can do minimal cause very minimal cause to create those freemiums and I want you to start thinking about the types of things that you’ve learned from best freemiums that you have given somebody your email address for and you have developed deeper relationship with that person since giving out that person. All right next this one actually covered everything could print but you don’t have so for example the CJ seventy diet like you don’t have to print that people do I think most people they got the download and they just look at their mobile device but if you are someone who wants something to hold and touch and actually see the recipes and put it next to your stove top then actually you are meaning could print it out so these are things that fall into the category of documents so we are talking check list, ebooks, PDF’s, reports, your best tips, practices maybe a guide like a guide to LIVE streaming videos a recipe book how about a planner a planner specific to people who home school their children what about your lesson plans teachers what about your lesson plans and when I say teachers I mean school teachers I mean fitness instructors everyone you got who follow particular plan or a lesson or strategy that is something people would love to have when they have to start out so you can offer that as a digital download. how about your systems like many people who are in your personal trainings like I start into a personal trainings I trust people didn’t know how to forms have their client signed or what a waiver of liability should look like or even how to track their clients for doing each time for doing now so those are all examples of documents things that you already have in writing that will turn into a digital downloads that you really make sure that it fits the criteria of a freemium the next type of freemium very popular easy for you to create the MP3’s audios, podcast, how about an interview with an expert, what a about an interview with you, explaining exactly where you are like all the insider tips just a simple audio to deliver that all people love that and that somebody very intimate about just putting an ear buds and just listening to someone so there’s a whole bunch of ideas for you but we are going to keep going because you are going to create and I will love it just please just please know that you are going to be the student of the month if you create one in each category why not make that your goal okay so make that your goal in the next 90 days to create a freemium in each categories what you can do it you are a freemium making machine okay next this is really a great one access, people want access they want access to you you know and what do I mean by that a consultation now that is a pretty big one but depending on what type of business you have if someone will give you the emaill address be worthwhile for you to do consultation or maybe a private facebook group or you give to them your email address and you are giving them the access of the membership site a lot of website do this and a lot of websites will say you know I am a fan of asking email address letter and I think we are pass that is my personal opinion which you know people will ask me and they will be like ahhh I really don’t need another newsletter that I will never read and that will just junk up my inbox so I am not a fan but I am sure you will not disapprove me. All right here’s a big one product samples yeah a lot of you are reps of multi level organizations directs selling and your companies make it possible for you to send people samples isn’t it funny that we get their mailing address and we wont get their email address get their email address or even create an opt in your website where you send them free merchandise, beauty samples whatever it is some type of a sample even if a free version of their software is a example of a sample okay how about templates, Templates are huge and we all have our templates has time and especially when we look on the website oohh I love your website or I love your emails I wish I know how to put together of their Pinterest pins or their Instagram post or whatever so templates are huge category for you to consider creating freemium so things like a lesson plan templates come into certain point like word press template how about cover art for your Face book page or how about a lay out blog right a blog post how about a template of your opt in page yeah they are companies that create those but maybe you have got something simple converts like crazy if you are in the beauty industry how about an email copy that’s really I mean those are really people ohmygosh you are going to get that to me and I love your stuff. How about a webinar template you can show other people how to get their first webinar maybe yo are really good creating Face book ads putting together a template when you get people templates you get yourself a deeper relationship and lastly not lastly but I am just going to give you one other I bet you have a million others but as you get discount i am sure you have done that before website and they say hey you automatically receive 10 percent off and to your email address and you are like i take that 20 percent off see give you her email address access to sales you know even if you have nothing else available but you do have a website I would suggest that you will have a pop up and you will have the first people at the minimum at the discount so that they will be like oh cool I don’t even know what this person has done yet but I am all done for discount and people love to save money am I right or once they become a member they get a percentage off just by giving you their email address so these are some great examples of freemiums but I think that the most important thing that I can tell you is grab a tape towards the one that’s you like the way to consume information like for me I would grab a tape towards video and if it is a video or an audio download I am like Oh I am excited you know when it is a word document like an ebook oh boy I got to spend time to read this you know what I mean it is just me but if you want to be the opposite it may be like oh I love digital books I save them on my laptop and that is what I do when I am flying or traveling so I want you to create the first couple of freemiums in that medium that you most prefer to consume from content and then just create it we are going to walk you through the steps this is nothing to get hang up on you don’t need to know how to code you don’t need to figure out how to connect this to that and what about I got you, I got you boo I understand how confusing that is I was that girl create a list a brainstorming list of what type of freemium which medium you are going to use and some ideas on what you want to get people.

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