How to Get Massive Energy, Creativity, and Confidence

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What if I told you that there’s a drug that exists today that can give you more energy and mental clarity? What if it also improved your relationships and your business acumen? Would you run to your doctor right away and ask for a prescription?

Well, that drug DOES exist, but you don’t need to go to the doctor.

I’m talking about exercise. That is the secret to having the energy you need to accomplish your goals.

As business owners and entrepreneurs, we need that extra boost. We work long days, interact with clients, run errands, and then come home and have to be present for our family and friends. Simply put: You can’t afford NOT to be exercising.

I’m so busy. When should I exercise?

Look, we’re all busy. But, if you could set aside at least 20 minutes in the morning, then you would see positive results. Research shows us that people who work out before their work day begins have more energy in the middle of the day – that’s the time when everyone else is falling asleep at their desk. That’s a valuable advantage for you.

Why is exercise so important for my energy and creativity?

Our brains is the only organ that doesn’t clean itself using the shared network of vessels that the rest of the body uses. However, it does remove waste best during three important activities:

  • Sleep
  • Meditation/Daydreaming
  • Exercise

Research from the U.S. Government followed employees around and asked them to report on their productivity and energy levels. For those participants who exercised in the morning, they found that they managed their tie for effectively, had more positive interactions with colleagues, and felt more relaxed when they got home.

Our mental firepower are linked to our physical activity. It will improve your concentration, improve your memory, lower your stress, and give you more mental stamina.

So, spend a little time focusing on all three of these activities and you WILL see improved results. And, guess what, it’s FREE!

Here’s what I suggest: Try this for seven days.

Just wake up and, before you even check your emails, get that heart rate up. You don’t have to run a marathon, just 20 minutes of activity will give you the mental boost you need. You’re body will thank you for the energy and your business will too.

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