Podcast – 11 Tips to Create Sales Conversions on Instagram Stories

How to Attract a Cold Audience to Your Brand

Are you struggling to attract new people to your brand or business? Do you find that you’re constantly asking yourself: “How can I get more sales?” I wrote down what was and wasn’t working for my business in regards to attracting a cold audience to my business. In this episode, she shares her 11 top tips for Instagram stories that have helped her to create sales conversions straight from the app.

The goal with social media is to reach people who don’t already know you (a cold audience), but people that you know you can help. Everyone should be reaching out to a cold audience. I mean, if you don’t, how are you going to (keyword) BUILD your tribe? I want to highlight some things I’ve realized about my company and our method of reaching out to appeal to new audiences. These things are both what we (as a company) excel in, and where we need to improve upon. I’m being real honest with you here.


Thank you for listening to this Episode. Hopefully, you now have a few tricks up your sleeve to attract a cold audience and build YOUR tribe!


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