Podcast – How to Get Started Using Shopify | with, Kait Fontenot

Do you have a product — physical, digital or perhaps even a freemium — you’re trying to sell, but just don’t know how to get it in front of your audience? Well, Shopify may be your answer! Today, Brock talks with Shopify expert Kait Fontenot. They’ll explain all things Shopify, including: who should be using it, pricing, and tips to get you started!


You’ll find out:

  • Why Shopify is one of the biggest/most popular resources online for hosting your shop
  • The benefits to Shopify over other hosting platforms
  • What coding experience you need, if any, to navigate Shopify
  • Who should consider opening a Shopify shop
  • Do you need a previous website (like a blog) to use Shopify?
  • The first steps to start your shop on Shopify
  • How to make your products stand out on Shopify
  • Mistakes to avoid when building your Shopify shop
  • What the launch process might look like for your product (while using Shopify)
  • How SEO works with Shopify


 Podcast By Chalene Johnson – How to Get Started Using Shopify | with, Kait Fontenot


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