Get What You Want

The Chalene Show
EP. 280
A Car Smart Edition

Thank you, once again, for being my passenger as I go for a ride. Today… I want to talk to you about HOW to get what YOU want.

I start off this episode with a story. Be sure to listen in for the real thing, but this story touches on an experience I had just the other day, when I received an email from a gentleman that we hired to help us with our Facebook campaigns.

For the ONE3ONE Method, we spent a considerable amount of time to find the right Facebook Ad agency to help us reach people and deliver our message. Obviously we couldn’t hire everyone, and we had to email some of the consultants we interviewed to let them know that we hoped to work with them in the future, but that they wouldn’t fit with what we needed right now.

ANYWAYS, we got a message from this gentlemen (as mentioned before), and the subject line to his email was… “Chalene Johnson, the Stranger Whom I’ve Made Millions For”. That right there should tell you this guy is pretty good at marketing. Make sure to listen in to hear the rest of this story… It’s a good one. AND trust me, you’ll learn a lot from this.

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What You’ll Learn in This Episode
1.We need other people to cooperate ( 1:20)
2.You can’t force someone to give you what you want (1:32)
3.When you want something, no one wants to… (11:00)
4.How to put people in the right frame of mind (11:40)
5.You deserve what you want… (12:10)
4.And so much more…

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