Get Your MOJO Back!

The topic in this episode is all about getting your MOJO back… your fire… your passion!  Sometimes we beat ourselves up when we don’t wake up on fire every day.  We seem to think that we are supposed to maintain this constant unstoppable energy and drive and tenacity!  We see these people on social media who are just ready to conquer the world everyday… and that leaves us feeling like we’re supposed to be like that.  But, that’s not reality.  You and I both know that NO ONE can be on fire every day of their life.  That just isn’t reality.

Before we get in to the tips to help you get you MOJO back, I first want to cut you some slack and let you know that you’re human.  And you can’t go 190 miles per hour every day, all day! And never take a break and never run out of steam.  So before we go any further, give yourself permission to just accept the fact that there are going to be days that you just want to hang out in your robe and do nothing! So how long do you allow yourself to embrace this? As long as you need.  Maybe its a day.  Maybe its a couple weeks.  Sometimes life throws curve balls at you and you just need to create time to take care of yourself and the people in your life you love.

So what is MOJO?  I see MOJO as Motivation and Joy! When these two are combined, your on fire!  So in this episode I give you the tips you need to get your MOJO back!!

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