Podcast – Getting Unstuck from Overwhelm and Uncertainty with Author, Meredith Moore Crosby

On today’s episode, I talk with Meredith Moore Crosby (author, speaker, mom) about getting unstuck from overwhelm. Whether you’re currently struggling on a personal level or with all that is going on in the world — from to Covid to racial inequality — it is my sincere hope that this show provides the tips you need to bring calm into your daily life.


You’ll find out:

  • Meredith shares her backstory
  • How / when Meredith developed a condition that mimicked a brain tumor (including, losing her sight) and fully recovered
  • When Meredith realized one gets unstuck over and over again in life
  • How to know if we’re self aware
  • What Meredith defines as Invisible Injury
  • The power of using the words, “I really want to understand your experience” to open dialogue and building a relationship
  • Why I keep reminding myself I’m not behind but not a journey
  • Why self-compassion and love, on both sides of the aisle, is what allows us to build relationships
  • One of the 1st things we can do every morning to get unstuck
  • The #1 reason people stay stuck
  • A daily practice that’ll help you get unstuck
  • How to identify the people on social media who have a negative impact on your thinking
  • How to be unproductive in a way that actually serves your best interest
  • Can you ignore what’s going on in the world and maintain authenticity?
  • The importance of remembering you are always worth your time
  • Why so many of us are afraid to go deep and look within
  • Why seeking a therapist is crucial to personal growth
  • The significance of an abundance mindset and gratitude (and what it looks like in practice)



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