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This episode is all about rest. Rest is so vital to our body, mind and soul. Rest is so important and we just don’t talk about it enough. I grew up in household with a father who was an entrepreneur. Because of this, we never really experienced a season of rest. It was always, create and grow, create and grow. This is how I learned to become the entrepreneur I am today. The environment I grew up in taught me to never take a season of rest and therefore I never enjoyed my success. My thought was that if I stopped to enjoy it, I would lose everything. I always felt like there wasn’t enough and I always felt this constant sense of urgency and overwhelm. So here’s how I made the transition. Instead of comparing myself to people who seemed like they were doing more, I started comparing myself to those who seemed calm in their success. Confident in their life and the decisions they’ve made. I wanted to compare myself to people who seemed really present and able to enjoy the success they’ve had. I really want to inspire you to create seasons of harvest, or rest in your life. This begins with you starting your season off in gratitude. To take a season or rest or season of harvest, you can’t just take a moment to reflect in gratitude. You have to take at least a day, preferably closer to a week to rest!

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