Gluten Free Myths Dispelled with Natalie Jill

nj photo 4This episode is all about going gluten free with my friend Natalie Jill!  Have you ever wondered if your gluten intolerant and may need to transition into a gluten free diet?  Well this podcast provides you with all the helpful tips you’ll need to not only see if gluten free is for you, but do it in a way that’s healthy and nonrestrictive.

Topics discussed in the episode:

What the heck is gluten?

How to tell if you need to go gluten free.

The most common foods with gluten and some things that have gluten that you wouldn’t expect.

How to eliminate gluten from your diet.

Symptoms of being gluten intolerant or having celiac.

How to transition into a gluten free diet.

Tip from Natalie: It’s important to think about this not just as eating gluten free, but focusing on eating more whole foods.

How to build a healthy lifestyle for your kids without developing food issues.

How to approach eating out and dinner parties when being gluten free.


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Time Codes:

0:50 Chalene talking about Natalie Jill

1:56 Natalie Joins Chalene

2:15 Natalie talks about what celiac disease is versus gluten intolerance

2:35 How Natalie was diagnosed with celiac sprue

3:08 Levels of gluten intolerance and having an autoimmune disease

3:34 Should you get tested?

4:10 What are the most common forms of gluten and what is gluten in?

6:00 Look at it as an unprocessed food diet as opposed to what you can’t eat

7:00 Gluten free bread and what happens when you remove fiber

9:02 Symptoms of being gluten intolerant

11:20 If you don’t feel well, look at your diet

13:10 How Natalie’s health changed when she illuminated gluten

15:17 People assume you have to starve yourself to be lean

15:40 Fruits and how they got a bad rap

16:20 Research behind fruits and their benefits

17:17 What Natalie eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner

19:15 How Natalie’s tastes have changed from eating an unprocessed diet

21:00 How Natalie has raised her daughter to be aware of labels, yet does not restrict her from everything.  Children need a healthy approach to food, and restriction does the opposite.

23:34 Question: what’s the hardest thing to handle when being gluten free?

24:08 How Natalie deals with being gluten free while eating out.

25:48 Bring a dish that’s gluten free to a party that everyone can enjoy; and that way you have something you know you can eat.

26:20 What to eat at a restaurant.

27:38 Find out more about Natalie

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